Accelerating Telehealth in a COVID Panic

Welcome to our very first blog! This website, and promotion of veterinary telehealth in general, is a passion for me. I truly believe that institution of veterinary telehealth is the best way to providing veterinary care for millions of pets that can not access regular care, whether it be by geographic, financial, behavioral, or a number of other reasons and restrictions. It’s also the best way to avoid worldwide pandemics, to work with Gen Z/Millenials, to provide better work/life balance, to offer more jobs to those in the veterinary field with physical disabilities, to improve your clients trust in your clinic, to increase revenue, improve patient outcomes, better utilize paraprofessional team members… really, there are a ton of reasons to start providing telehealth in your clinic. I hope I can help you get started!

While COVID has the world on lockdown, we all want to ensure we’re practicing social distancing, washing our hands, etc. Get used to fist bumps or foot taps! As healthcare workers, veterinarians and their teams are especially at risk of catching viruses and being fomites for disease transmission. Unfortunately, the surgery needed for a GDV won’t wait until the virus has subsided- but can we re-direct basic questions, non emergency health issues, rechecks, hospice and palliative care, and even some urgent health needs to a telehealth platform? Yes! Absolutely, 100%, yes.

One thing to remember as you travel the path of creating the right telehealth solution- no solution is one sized fits all. Every single veterinarian practices a little differently, and you should expect no less out of telehealth platforms and how to institute them. They’re all just a little different. Be patient, be flexible, and understand that you are making a change that will take your practice into the future and (potentially) forever change the way your hospital runs. Take your time, ask all the questions, start small, and be persistent in reaching your goals.

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