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Dr. Jess Trimble is a veterinarian passionate about increasing access to basic veterinary care through technology-enabled healthcare. She worked in mixed animal general practice in rural California and then an urgent care center in downtown San Francisco for several years until she was pulled into helping found a startup. She is the previous Chief Veterinary Officer at Fuzzy Pet Health, a San Francisco based technology company offering in-home and virtual care veterinary services with a mission to expand access to care. Dr. Jess regularly provides workshops to both veterinary students and practicing veterinarians about technology and innovation in the profession, and how to implement it into private practices. 

Dr. Jess grew up in rural central Illinois on a small farm, raising livestock and surrounded by a menagerie of animals. She spent every summer as a kid working in her family’s veterinary clinic, and knew there was no other profession she’d want to enter.

In her spare time, Jess enjoys backpacking and hiking, traveling as much as possible, reading anything and everything, woodworking, and painting. Jess is married to a veterinarian, Dr. Rob,  who teaches entrepreneurship and business skills to veterinarians and has two cats, Vilo (an evil mastermind) and Steve (questionable intelligence). 

Dr. Sarah Wallace grew up in New Hampshire, and remains a new englander at heart. She grew up with a cat named Fluffy and three German Shepherds: Austie, Tank and Ginger. Her very first veterinary patients were dragonflies that she would rescue from the family pool as a five year old. During the summer, dragonflies would swoop down to get a drink of water from the pool and many of them would get stuck in the water. Believing that drowning or death-by-pool-filter was a cruel end for these beautiful insects, she plucked them out of the water one by one and let them sit on her hand in the sun until they were dry enough to fly away.
Dr. Sarah attended Lafayette College where she received a BS in Biology. She then attended Western University of Health Sciences for veterinary school. Following her education, Dr. Sarah completed a one-year internship with VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists. She then discovered that general brick and mortar veterinary practice wasn’t right for her. Dr. Sarah was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Jess Trimble and soon after became the Digital Health Team Lead Veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health, a start-up veterinary group out of San Francisco. She and Dr. Jess launched one of the first nationwide veterinary telehealth platforms to provide access to care for pets in the US. She considered it a privilege to work on the cutting edge of a veterinary paradigm shift. Currently, Dr. Sarah is freelancing, consulting and looking for new opportunities in the veterinary telehealth field.

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