Advice and Consulting

Interested in implementing telehealth into your own practice, but not sure where to start?

We’re here to help. From single locums to corporate aggregators, just getting started or in-depth consulting- we provide the guidance and knowledge to ensure you’re thinking through implementation correctly.

COVID-19 has pressed fast-forward on the world of veterinary telemedicine. Dr. Jess and Dr. Sarah are both experienced, non-biased veterinary telehealth advocates and want to help as many veterinary hospitals, veterinary mobile practices and shelters implement quality telehealth as soon as possible. To this end, Dr. Jess and Dr. Sarah are offering telemedicine implementation consultations. This consultation can be a discussion of which telemedicine platform is best for your hospital, how to implement telemedicine today, how to build telemedicine protocols and decision trees, train your team (CSRs, nurses, and DVMs), or we can simply answer whatever telehealth questions you have. 

Email us at and for pricing and availability.

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