There are dozens of platforms and software systems to choose from. This guide will help you choose what is right for you.

First, let’s start with Platform Types.

Almost free

How to hack together free tools, or almost free tools, to get started with little to no effort.

While this method won’t be a full-stack platform that integrates with your PMS and offers after hour support, we can at least get you texting, chatting, and having video calls in just a day. You’ll have to manually fill out medical records, but if you’re doing just a few consults here and there, this is a good place to start.


Want to hand it off entirely? These companies offer solutions utilizing top tech and licensed veterinary teams to answer your client’s questions.

Offerings would include non-VCPR teletriage and general advice for your patients, some on demand, some companies with after hours and weekend service. Great for having someone else handle all the “little” questions and free up your team’s time, as well as having someone else handle all after-hours advice and get your free time back.

Software/In-hospital platforms

If you’re looking for video, chat, PMS integrations, in-software charging, and more all in one shiny package- look here.

We’d recommend this for hospitals that are truly committed to having telehealth in their future. If you want seamless, easy solutions with backend support, these platforms will fit your needs. Your own team provides all the virtual interactions, giving you complete control over all pricing, recommendations, and availability.

Next- How will you evaluate these platforms? You want to ensure that you trust the product, the team behind it, and really understand how to use it to it’s full potential.

  1. Ask for demos– screen shots don’t count. Always ensure you’ve been walked through the program to it’s full capability. If they cannot provide a demo, move along.
  2. Ask for a testing period, or free trial. Most will be happy to let you give the system a whirl.
  3. Ensure there is ongoing support on the tech side- If you have a problem, you want to know exactly who is going to fix it.
  4. If you are choosing a product that integrates with your current PMS, ask if you can talk to another hospital that uses their product that integrates with the same PMS, or if they can demo the integration. It’s valuable to know just how well the product integrates.
  5. Ask about data. How is your hospital’s data used? Is it safe and sound, or is it sold to the highest bidder?
  6. Can you speak to any current users to ask how it has fit in to their practices? If they say no, run away.
  7. How do they measure success and plan to improve within their own company?
  8. What other benefits are offered? Some platforms offer free flyers, social media calendars, and a myriad of other marketing opportunities.
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