Platforms- teletriage

These platforms have their own team of medical professionals, to answer your clients’ questions. These platforms are great if you’d like the majority- or all- of your telehealth handled by someone else.

(listed in no particular order)

Fuzzy: Everyone wants the best for their pet. No pet parent knows exactly what that is, or how to get it. Fuzzy has created a membership-based experience designed around you and your pet’s needs

Guardian Vets: We are an after-hours teletriage service that allows your veterinary practice to cater to your client’s and patient’s needs 24/7. When you leave the office for the day, GuardianVets is on call to speak with your clients and provide much-needed support. Your client will speak with a credentialed veterinary technician or a licensed DMV that will help assess the situation in a professional manner. We respect your VCPR and will not diagnose, prescribe or treat your patient but simply determine if the situation is emergent. 

WhiskerDocs: Yes, you can delight your customers, associates, employees and other great pet parents with whiskerDocs 24/7 veterinary help services. We are the leading provider in the U.S. and Canada and faithfully serve more than 3 million pet parents. We work hard to achieve a 98% satisfaction rate. Depending on the partner, whiskerDocs can help improve retention rates, cut costs, create added value and most of all – help those furried ones we call family.

PetCoach: There for you. Care for them. Our mission is to help you provide the best care and attention to your pet, by cutting through the noise and offering you direct advice from verified vets, trainers and other pet experts. Ask questions about your pet’s health, nutrition, or any other topic, and receive reliable answers for free! Your pet wouldn’t google it, why would you?

Ask.Vet: 70% of pet concerns can be resolved without a visit to the vet. MyPetDoc can help you with questions about your pet’s health and behavior, and our comprehensive triage process can determine the seriousness of the situation and tell you when you need to make an appointment to see a vet in person.

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