Telehealth Resources

Find great websites and articles from others in the telehealth space.

State Board Websites

VCPR by State

The AVMA has put together a a handy pdf chart of every state’s VCPR for you to review, as well as a website with links to every state board.

Telehealth Basics

Here, find the AVMA’s definitions of telehealth, telemedicine, teletriage, etc.

AVMA Telemedicine Policy

The AVMA lays out their current and future stance on tele-everything.

AAVSB Telehealth Rec’s

The AAVSB has created a great set of guidelines for use of telehealth technologies and providing telehealth services.

AAVSB Veterinary Board Changes

Pay attention to this one- the AAVSB is compiling all the changes that state boards are making, updated daily.


Merck Pet Owner Paths

Research into the specific steps pet owners take when making decisions about
their pets’ health… and how veterinarians can more successfully be a part of their decision outcomes.

AAHA’s Booklet

AAHA, with the AVMA, has created this fantastic 24-page resource with case studies and more.

Dr. Christa Wallis

Dr. Aaron Smiley

Check these personal pages out, and come back often! These two veterinarians use telemedicine successfully and are sharing their stories.

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